P5-'Portrait of Australia'

P5-'Portrait of Australia'

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Large poster reproduction print of Australia commissioned by Australian Airlines in 1989. Nearly 30 years later it continues to represent many iconic features of this great continent. Stars in the sky are dominated by the Southern Cross (represented on the national flag) on the top right side, fish and corals to represent the Great Barrier Reef, Koala, Crocodile and Kookaburra for birds and wildlife, Aboriginal culture in the stylised Kangaroo. Flowers shown are the emblems of each state and territory, with the Wattle being the national flower. All are arranged in a burst of celebration in the infinite sky over Ularu (Ayers Rock) situated in the 'heart' of Australia.

The LETTERED poster has the word AUSTRALIA at the top.

The BLANK version is as shown (without signature).

The SIGNED version has been personally signed by the artist in pencil.

Note: There is also a smaller version of this print listed as AAO 'Australia' and is 320x470mm